Did you misunderstand something on OpenSea?

Element 2.0
3 min readNov 7, 2022

Let’s see the ranking first!

01 Left: OpenSea; 02 Right: Blur
03 Left: LooksRare; 04 Right: X2Y2

The 01 Left is the “the 24hs trading data from OpenSea” VS “the 24hs trading data from Blur”. Between the two data tracking, you have already see the huge differences that the top trending on each marketplace is totally different. On OpenSea, “CryptoPunk” is the most tradable volume collection, but on Blur, the top 1st is “KPR”. The fact OpenSea is “at 60% market shares’s data ignores 40% of NFT activity on average.

Why did this happen?

When you look the other two, the answer is exactly the same. Every NFT marketplace is tracking their own marketplace’s trading data, apparently, with more and more MKP flowing out, the data is not enough for each user to do strategy and take them as trading signals.

Each MKP only does his own trades tracking and ranking, but Element does full on-chain data tracking including each Txn history on each MKP:

24hs data tracking from Element

Element is now tracking NFT activity on full-chain and sales tracking from 0xProject, NFTfi, OpenSea, Blur, LooksRare, X2Y2,and archipelago_art, etc..

Full trading history on Element

Each collection, and each transaction happened in which MKP is perfectly calculated here to make sure the users could tracking the full information in case of misunderstanding the data. If you want to do some trading decision, Element is the best. Have a look here: https://element.market/collections/debox-guardians-eagle?tag=activity&search%5BeventNames%5D[0]=Sale

Element is the first marketplace who do “Aggregator+MKP” both, not Blur, nor anyone else. For more detailed the data analysis, you will see more in Nov. Besides, we are considering a “Pro*” for high-liquidity traders.

Please keep an eye on more updates!

Element is the first community-driven NFT marketplace, providing multi-chain aggregated trading services. Users could enjoy real-time data analysis, efficient trading tools, visible cost savings, and customized gaming collections. Element has received 11.5m investment from Sequoia, SIG, Dragonfly, Draper Dragon, etc.

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Element 2.0

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