Element and Outland- Challenge the cryptocurrencies and NFTs economic inequality in Art

Element 2.0
3 min readOct 4, 2022

Element, the world’s first multi-chain aggregated NFT trading market, is committed to improving creator rights; with the same goal, Element has been officially partnered with Outland, creators collection integration, Together to build a better creator ecosystem! Explore the crypto market in an ever-changing environment. Challenge the cryptocurrencies and NFTs economic inequality in Art.

Outland is a new platform dedicated to fostering critical conversations around emerging digital technologies and their connections to contemporary art. its aim is to present insightful perspectives on a future-facing art world. Outland is building a network of the leading voices in the creation, Criticism, and collecting of digital art. Their web is constantly expanding through partnerships with museums, galleries, and other institutions, as well as through their commissions of art and writing.

Lead as a pioneer; Each collection represents Criticism and conversations about art, technology, and NFTs.

Element x Outland Verification collection includes; “Elemental by Fang Lijun”, “Fragments By James Jean”, “3FACE | art that adapts to you” etc.

Elemental by Fang Lijun” Fang Lijun is a well-known Chinese artist. His latest NFT conveys the intense collision, fission, and possibility of material elements when they converge and how it activates human perception and the unknown.

Fragments By James Jean” Multidisciplinary visual artist James Jean presents Fragments (2022), a new series of hand-drawn digital artworks commissioned by the digital art platform Outland. Fragments is entirely hand-drawn and presents a series of fantastical characters that are distilled from the artist’s imagination. Jean describes these as “mythic beings” and each character bears a unique persona on a pentagonal frame, echoing the petal-like shape of the Pagoda’s glass panels, in his signature psychedelic colour palette. Fragments features visual elements that have appeared within Jean’s works throughout his career.

3FACE | art that adapts to you” Ian Cheng (born March 29, 1984) is an American artist known for his live simulations that explore the capacity of living agents to deal with change.3FACE is an adaptive artwork by artist Ian Cheng produced by Outland. There are only 4096 3FACE artworks available ever. Each 3FACE begins as a unique energy daemon. Once held, 3FACE reads your wallet’s public transaction history and infers the inner forces that compose your personality. Then 3FACE begins to adapt itself to you.

Element is the first community-driven NFT marketplace, providing multi-chain aggregated trading services, users could enjoy real-time data analysis, efficient trading tools, visible cost savings, and customized gaming collections. Element has received 11.5m investment from Sequoia, SIG, Dragonfly, Draper Dragon, etc.

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Element 2.0

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