Sougen release “Element Storm Microcosm Game”

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2 min readSep 29, 2022

Element, the world’s first multi-chain aggregated NFT trading market, has always been brave to explore new trends in NFT, and the exploration of the Metaverse and GameFi has never stopped. Following the cooperation between Element and BNB Chain’s head light competitive chain game Ear7, this time, Element, together with the Ethereum GameFi ecosystem, took the lead in establishing the “Element Storm Microverse Game” with Sougen in the form of a micro-universe game to let Element users experience the fun of Sougen’s micro-universe game, and at the same time get rich element storm rewards.

Sougen Games is produced by Utsubo Co., Ltd., headquartered in Japan, focusing on 3D game production for web3. In terms of design, Sougen is closer to its own fresh rendering style, and is good at combining different artists to create characters and settings. Sougen has worked with a number of CC0 blue-chip NFT communities, including; Moonbirds, mfers, and goblintown, etc.

Element and Sougen both focus on creating a better Web3 ecological interactive experience for users, so the two parties innovatively created “Element Storm Microverse Game”. The Element Storm micro-universe game is based on the Element logo. Challengers need to break through multiple levels and problem scenarios, and finally get the reward of Element Storm. Let’s experience the adventure together!

At the same time, Sougen’s first gamified metaverse series collection: “Sougen Genesis Collection”, is currently landing in the “Element Creator Certification” section. “Sougen Genesis Collection” creates Sougen’s fantasy aesthetics of the metaverse world in more detail in a 3D setting, which is deeply loved by gamers.

Come and challenge the Elementstorm x Sougen micro-universe game!

Element is the first community-driven NFT marketplace, providing multi-chain aggregated trading services, users could enjoy real-time data analysis, efficient trading tools, visible cost savings, and customized gaming collections. Element has received 11.5m investment from Sequoia, SIG, Dragonfly, Draper Dragon, etc.

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