Element APP is launched, discovering 46 Million+ multichain NFTs

On December 3rd, Element NFT Marketplace officially launched its mobile APP, and the Android version can be installed via GooglePlay or the official website, while the iOS version will be launched soon.

Element App now enables browsing of NFT exclusive assets, collections as well as NFT assets from chains such as Ethereum, BSC (coming soon), Polygon (planned), etc.. At that time, Element APP will be the best experience NFT marketplace APP in different chains.

Let’s take a look at what makes the Element APP so different.

1. Homepage

Keywords: Recommendation, Collection

Element APP home page offers a recommendation section, which uses a “large image + description” approach to recommend current and upcoming NFT assets with potential. In addition, two special sections are provided by APP: Exclusive Drops and Trend Collections. In the following days, Element will continue to introduce GameFi NFTs and DAO NFTs to keep close pace with industry changes.

In addition, Element APP also provides two special areas: Exclusive Drops and Trending Collection to grab all investment opportunities.

2. Search page

Keyword: Discover, Real-time Trading

The search page offers more user-friendly options(Item & Collections), allowing investors to search by individual preference.

3. Ranking Page

Keywords: Sort, Trend

Element APP supports a feature that viewing asset rankings on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and time switch(24 hours or 7 days). You can visually view the total number of NFT assets, owners, floor price, and volume trade.

4. “Me” Page

Keywords: Display

On “Me” page, Element APP will display NFTs on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon via Metamask, WalletConnect or by directly pasting your wallet address. Therefore, Element APP will be the most powerful multi-chain NFT wallet in display.

5. Collection Details Page & Item Details Page

You can view the number of collections, owners, floor price, transaction history and other information, also support in the collection details page directly searching for items in the collection.

Moreover, you can click on the bottom right corner of the filter button, which provides the status (Buy Now, On Auction, New, Has Offers), Sort by (Recently Listed, Recently Created, Recently Sold, End Soon, Price: Low to High, Price: High to Low, Highest Last Sale, Oldest), Price and other options.

Element APP will receive a major update(Trading and Social) in the next version (Q1, 2022). Minted NFTs by investors on Ethereum, BSC and Polygon chains, and the Social feature will allow users to comment, like NFTs, as well as follow each other.

“Element APP is a new attempt and the team is now fully committed to the product structure and functionality, aiming to be the decentralized multi-chain NFT aggregated trading APP with the best experience.” Element development team said.

Element APP: www.element.market/download/app/element_v1.0.6.apk

Element Wechat: liaiyaoaiko

Element twitter: twitter.com/Element_Market

Element telegram: t.me/elementenglish

Element Discord: discord.gg/NNYDvbU6nH



The first community oriented muti-chain aggregated NFT marketplace.

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The first community oriented muti-chain aggregated NFT marketplace.