Element-BNB Chain Football Fiesta Event

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2 min readNov 14, 2022

To celebrate the upcoming most popular sports event in the world, The World Cup 2022, BNB Chain is hosting a special event for all users in BNB Chain ecology: The BNB Chain Football Fiesta. This event is co-hosted by over 20+ projects on BNB Chain. And Element is proud to be one of the co-host partners and will bring more fun and more vitality to the market.

  1. 5,000 Glory Pass give away in Element community

Element has joined BNB Chain Football Fiesta Event and we got 5,000 Glory Pass to share with our community.

  • What is a Glory Pass?

Glory Pass is an NFT specially designed by BNB Chain for the Football Fiesta campaign. Holders can use it to participate in the match predictions and access benefits provided by our ecosystem partners and even redeem their NFT/game vouchers to play games.

BNB Chain’s Football Fiesta is more than just claiming your Glory Pass. From November 15, Football Fiesta will officially launch with over 50 activities taking place, with more than 20 exclusives for Glory Pass holders, and the remaining activities will be open to all new and existing users in which you can participate and get rewards.

Participating in Football Fiesta match predictions and stand a chance to win mystery box rewards from the prize pool worth over $500,000

  • How to Get a Glory Pass in Element community?

There would be several ways to get a Glory Pass

  1. Element community event on Galxe

Join Galxe event to share 1200 Glory Pass. (Ended)


2. Element Trading Event

Join Element Trading Event to get 3800 Passes. (🔥🔥🔥On Going Now!)

More event from Element will be revealed during the Football Fiesta. Take your chance to grab the Glory Pass.

Stay tuned:)

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