Element Market: Say Hi to BTC Ordinals

Element 2.0
2 min readJul 12, 2023

The Bitcoin Ordinals marketplace would be Element’s next big thing! To celebrate the launch of this new market, we prepared a gift for you.

Finish easy tasks on Galxe to get the allowlist to mint a free NFT on Element Bitcoin Ordinals market.

Event Link: https://galxe.com/ElementMarket/campaign/GCskbUe2WF


  • Follow Element Twitter and RT event post
  • Join Element Discord
  • Buy at least 1 NFT on Element multi-chain market within one year.

(If you just met us for the first time, you can start your trading now, and it also counts)

  • Leave your BTC address

What You Will Get

A Freemint NFT「Hi BTC」.

If you are a newcomer to the Bitcoin Ordinals market, just like us. It would be a great chance to grab your first NFT and start trading to explore this new world.


  1. Event Time: Jul.12 — Jul.28

Finish easy tasks to get the allowlist.

2. Allowlist announcement: TBD

Users who are eligible to mint a「Hi BTC」NFT will be announced on Element Twitter

3. Mint Time: TBD

「Hi BTC」will Mint on Element.


  1. This event would be held on Galxe.
  2. Allowlist would be registered on the BTC address you submit. Please make sure you submit the correct EVM address which you use on Galxe, and the right BTC address for allowlist.



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