Element x Elsewhere- The first Pixel Art Metaverse “Element Featured Creators Collection Exhibition”

Element, as the world’s first multi-chain aggregated NFT trading market, we have always been committed to improving creator rights and building a better ecosystem, always focusing on Optimizing user experience and product benefits. Provides users with high liquidity, the lowest transaction fee, powerful trading utilities, and intelligent & instant data services. It provides a one-stop service for creating.

Recently we have created “CC0 Collections”, “Verified Creators,” and “Domain Names” zones. We will be continuing to improve and build the creator’s ecosystem and bringing the most fun and creativity to the community.

From October 26- November 26, Element x Elsewhere organized the first Pixel Art Metaverse “Element Featured Creators Collection Exhibition.” Curated by Element Global Creator Community Director Popil. We have introduced more than 26 creators and collections to join. Invited users to explore the fun pixel art with the Elsewhere Metaverse gallery.

Elsewhere, A virtual land dedicated to building community and casting aside the metaverse status-quo. A browser-based virtual world created for distributing online communities; built on blockchain technology

Elsewhere is for anyone who wants to hang out in their 2D land. It’s particularly good for WEB3 communities who want to enhance their community experience. Communities on Elsewhere range from gaming to NFTs and include Clementines Nightmare, Magic Forest No sleep, and as of today, Element.

Element Featured creators collection includes: Sougen Genesis Collection, Magic forest no sleep, Everything & Everywhere, Fragments By James Jean, SUPER SPACEMONKEY WORLD, Emotional Support Mice, Mini Melties by Buff Monster, WRAKX — JSKY X TAYLOR.WTF, MUMBOT METAPHYSICAL 1/1s, Chalk LoFI, Elsewhere Zone, ALPACADABRAZ, Ghoste Stories, Squiggle Papi Digital, Ykha Amelz, 1/1 DIELAMAHARANIE, Alimo x Visitor Coffee Roasters, WOODEN CYCLOPS, Brian Romero PFP, 3FACE | art that adapts to you, Delectables by Foodmasku, MagicGMCoffee, Imposters Art Collectable.

🖼 Element Featured creators collection Exhibition

⏰ From October 26- November 26

📍Element x Elsewhere pixel art gallery

🚀EN Twitter: https://twitter.com/Element_Market

🎁CN Twitter: https://twitter.com/Element_Chinese

👑Discord: https://discord.com/invite/NNYDvbU6nH



The first community oriented muti-chain aggregated NFT marketplace.

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The first community oriented muti-chain aggregated NFT marketplace.