Element X INDEX GAME Collaboration Build up the economic ecosystem in The Sandbox Metaverse

Element 2.0
2 min readOct 13, 2022

Element, Is the world’s first multi-chain aggregated NFT trading market. We always focus on Optimize user experience and benefits from products. Element has also launched the featured Explore CC0 Collection. Made it easier for users to understand the CC0 series and promote the NFT business application.

With the commercial development trend of NFT CC0, we are convinced that metaverse GameFi will be the core of the NFT circular economy. With the same belief, Element cooperates with INDEX GAME to promote the GameFi development of The sandbox, explore the future of NFT IP, and build sustainable businesses on Web2 and Web3.

INDEX GAME is officially supported by a significant shareholder and appointed to build experiences for The Sandbox decentralized metaverse.

INDEX GAME is bringing brands and IPs into the digital metaverse. They successfully transformed Hong Kong’s historical IP Kowloon Walled City into The #SandboxAlphaS3 mission, bringing 90 new experiences.

Feature the unique flavors of Hong Kong, focus on designing voxel-based NFT assets, building exclusive gaming experiences, and creating LANDs social experiences by setting up hubs, galleries, and more for The Sandbox.

Next, Element and INDEX GAME will be open to infinite possibilities for the Circular Economy inside the GameFi and Metaverse.

Bring better economic rights and interests to users. Expand to the APAC areas, mainly Cantonese-speaking regions.

Element is the first community-driven NFT marketplace, providing multi-chain aggregated trading services. Users could enjoy real-time data analysis, efficient trading tools, visible cost savings, and customized gaming collections. Element has received 11.5m investment from Sequoia, SIG, Dragonfly, Draper Dragon, etc.

🚀EN Twitter: https://twitter.com/Element_Market

🎁CN Twitter: https://twitter.com/Element_Chinese

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Element 2.0

The first community oriented muti-chain aggregated NFT marketplace.