GameFi Launchpad got a good start, HashLand NFT Card Mystery box ready for launch

The long-prepared Element BSC exclusive market officially launched GameFi Launchpad on December 20. RadioCaca, as the first project of GameFi Launchpad, has provided users with a high-quality P2E experience thanks to its well-established economic model, and it's even been named as a Top1 BSC MVB Metaverse project. Radio Caca is a true 3D version of the metaverse, including land, stake, farming, etc..

RadioCaca USM Land mystery box went on sale at 21:00 on 20 December for 1,888 BUSD, with 1,000 boxes sold out in just 3 minutes and 45 seconds. RadioCaca USM Land is available for listing on the Element BSC market with the floor price at 2,200 BUSD, a 16.5% increase from the initial price. While the official RadioCaca NFT marketplace currently charges 5% commission to the seller, Element BSC market has a 2.5% instead, making the buying experience simpler and less stressful in terms of selection and trading.

RadioCaca USM Land address:

Radio Caca — The Universal Metaverse:

RadioCaca USM-Land Mystery BOX:

The first GameFi Launchpad has been selling well for all to see, HashLand NFT Card Mystery Box, as the second project on Element Launchpad, will go on sale at 13:00 (UTC) on December 24.

HashLand is the first decentralized asset platform that bridges IP and hashrate assets. HashLand is able to reshape the hashrate market in the form of synthetic NFT, thus laying the foundational value for S-NFT. Through contracts of minting, buying and mining, HashLand can provide a useful toolkit for hashrate and IP providers alike.

NFT Card released by HashLand has 5 levels, level 1 card is the lowest and can mine BTC, from level 2 onwards it can produce both BTC and HC(platform token), different levels also correspond to higher attributes in the GameFi scene and more revenue. Two initial characters will be given free to experience the game.

Hash Warfare is the first 3D ARPG(Action Role Playing Game) in the HashLand metaverse, where users can collect, trade, mine, and ultimately earn through gameplay.



The first community oriented muti-chain aggregated NFT marketplace.

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The first community oriented muti-chain aggregated NFT marketplace.