MantaFest-Treasure Cruise: Call of the Sea

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2 min readNov 23, 2023

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“Call of the Sea” is one of the events affiliated with MantaFest: Treasure Cruise, an odyssey campaign hosted by Manta Pacific. It is organized by Element and supported by Manta Pacific. Users who complete 2 on-chain tasks on the Element Manta Market will be eligible to receive rewards jointly provided by Manta Pacific and Element.

How to Participate

Finish two tasks during MantaFest: Treasure Cruise on Element Manta Market

1、Mint 1 Manta Girls NFT

Start here:

2、List 1 NFT on Element Manta Market

Start here:

Do not forget to verify your tasks on Galxe and receive your points:


  • Event Time: Nov.22, 16:00 UTC— Dec. 07, 5:00 UTC
  • Reward Distribution Day: TBD


  1. Completing the two tasks, you’ll have the opportunity to share 50% of the Manta Tokens acquired by Element from MantaFest: Treasure Cruise event.
  2. If you finished the two tasks and collected a full set of the 5 NFTs, you’ll add 10 times buff with the share percent!
  • If an address that has not collected a full set of the 5 NFTs, but has multiple NFTs (more than one), only one NFT is calculated in reward.
  • If an address that has collected more than one full set of the 5 NFTs, only one set will be calculated in reward.
  • Any addresses as long as finished the two tasks “mint+list”will be calculated into reward.
  • If you only buy the NFTs from the second marketplace, without mint, you also do not meet the reward conditions.
  • If you have more questions, open a ticket in our Discord:

3. Reward formula: N=a*x+b*10*x

N=Reward pool total amount

a=Addresses that finished the task (not in full sets)

b=Addresses that finished the task with a full NFT set.

x=Single NFT reward share

4. Each Manta girls NFT would get ELE airdrop in the future.

About Manta Girls

The total supply of Manta Girls NFT is 200,000, consisting of five different girls NFT. They have a rarity with percentages allocated as follows: 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30%. Participants have the opportunity to mint any one of them randomly, with a maximum of 2 minting opportunities per address.

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